Friday, December 15, 2006

Catatan sembilan poeloeh satoe

Jumat, 15 Desember 2006

Seperti kepandaian, kebodohan adalah nilai dari sebuah perbandingan. Dia dinilai sesudah hasil, bukan diprediksi. Namun kita bisa mengira-ngira apakah kita lakukan something stupid or not? Tentunya berdasarkan pengalaman. Pengalaman menimbang!

I just did something stupid. I wanted to make a cup of coffee this afternoon. Just to stay awake. Then I went to the kitchen, till I realised that the water boiler is dirty. I then decided to wash it. After that, I again realised that I can't use the water boiler unless I am ready for the electric shock that might happen. I put it under the sun and went back to the kitchen. I again remembered about the coffee. I got an idea to make coffee by using microwave. I put coffee, coffee mate, a bit sugar, poured water in the cup and stirred it. Then I let the microwave work for me. I set three minutes which I thought it should be enough to boil the water and I left it. When I came back the coffee spilled out, but luckily I still got half cup. I took it out by using wipe clothes (I am not an English so I don't care about this term?) cuz I knew it must be very hot. Then I cleaned the microwave. I was happy and started to get the cuppa. I forgot that the bloody cup is still bloody hot. Then it happened... My fingers burnt...

Dari pengalamanku ini, kebodohan datang beruntun. Kebodohan mengatur waktu yang semestinya bisa dipersingkat dan kebodohan dalam bertindak. Then, I finally realised that nothing's perfect!

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