Thursday, April 05, 2007

Catatan seratoes empat belas

Kamis, 5 April 2007.
Many things come up to me, lately. Pride, excited and feeling blue mix together. Am I too emotional? Pride because of Nadine got Student of the Week and great achievement at school, which is maybe common for other people. But I teach myself to be proud of every single accomplishment I or everybody else close to me got. Excited? I’ve got another path where I could step in through for my research. However, many patches of obstacles still haunting me to complete my project. At least, there’s one experiment hasn’t been done yet, while the time runs very fast to the end of my study term. I don’t know when it’ll be done. There’s a matter of money, according tu my supervisor. So, its not my fault, then? But it seems to me if I skip that part, the project will taste like plain-basmati-rice (sorry for the basmati lovers). Feeling blue? No comment!

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